The Power Of The # As The New Propaganda Distribution Tool

Propaganda has been a strategic method of communicating ‘fear’ during major wars and conflicts for centuries and its use and distribution has joined the social media revolution.

It is generally well know that propaganda can be a set a “ideas or statements that are often false or exaggerated and that are spread in order to help a cause, a political leader, or a government” (, 2014) Like war or conflict it has no boundaries and appears its use is becoming extremely popular with Islamic jihadists. 

Most have seen via social media over the last few years the World War II British propaganda poster “Keep Calm And Carry On” in various forms and whilst this ‘propaganda’ poster only saw limited distribution during World War II — the 2.5 million copies printed were held back and intended for us only in times of crisis, which never came. (Taylor, 2012) Whilst the distribution of the ‘Keep Calm’ series of posters has gone viral in recent times in a predominantly social environment, it has revealed that social media can be used to spread propaganda effectively on a global scale.

WWII Propaganda Poster (Via Business Insider 2014)

WWII Propaganda Poster (Via Business Insider 2014)

WWII Propaganda Poster (Via Business Insider 2014)

WWII Propaganda Poster (Via Business Insider 2014)

Keep Calm Propaganda Poster

Keep Calm Propaganda Poster













Introducing The # As Propaganda 2014 Style 

Recent media reports are suggesting that the listed terrorist organization Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are using social media #tags and ‘Apps’ to amplify their message on a global scale. A search on Twitter #amessagefromISIStoUS reveals a significant Twitter ‘feed’ demonstrating graphic content of ‘beheadings’, attacks of September 11 and images of unidentified persons holding messages on paper in front of The White House, Government Buildings, Railway Stations where they are generally taunting that they are on ‘US’ and or allied soil and waiting to strike.

The reach of social media can be measured in the ‘billions’ and the outlawed Islamic jihadists know its power and how it can also offer anonymity are bringing the conflict to every device that can receive social media messages. With regards to wars and conflict, it appears social media is what television news was to the Vietnam War and how CNN was caterpaulted to prominence during Operation Desert Storm in 1991 and it will undoubtedly be used significantly by radical groups to instil fear and panic to a large scale audience.

Such abhorrent use needs to be self-regulated by the social media platforms and any #tag that is identified to be in breach of the social media platforms terms of service need to be shut done immediately.

Social media is SOCIAL and propaganda has NO place within social media channel feeds.

If you agree Tweet me @bradleywdeacon with #NoPropagandaOnSocial

Bradley W. Deacon

(Image Via Twitter)

(Image Via Twitter)












References, (2014). Propaganda – Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Aug. 2014].

Taylor, A. (2012). 19 Incredible British Propaganda Posters From World War Two. [online] Business Insider Australia. Available at: [Accessed 10 Aug. 2014].

A Full Moon Friday The 13th & Social Media

As full moons are synonymous with all types of creepy folklore it is ironic that tonights full moon falls on Friday the 13th an alleged ‘unlucky’ day and a ‘killer’s day of days’ so will such an evening lead to a spike in cyber shenanigans?

We have not had a full moon on Friday the 13th for fourteen years, well before social media and it wont happen again until 2049.

Whilst many may treat this day as any other day, we must be mindful that such events cause great anxiety for some  and the urban legends associated with these days aren’t for everyone.

  • Paraskevidekatriaphobia is the fear of Friday the 13th, with many believing it is the unluckiest day on the calendar.
  • Selenophobia is the fear of the moon and with the moon at its fullest, sufferers of this phobia may want to stay inside.

Talk to a lot of police and hospital staff and they will tell you they definitely see a spike in unusual behavior so just in case I thought this be a timely reminder to remind all to stay safe online.

  • Think before you post, tweet or share
  • Beware of shoulder surfers
  • Do not click any link that you do not recognize
  • Do not disclose personal details online to anyone you do not know
  • Be mindful that what you share online can be on shared
  • Change all your passwords to be on the safe side
  • Do not disclose your passwords to anyone
  • Be ever vigilant of online scams
  • Before you accept a friend request online check out their profile in detail
  • Any new followers on Twitter should always be reviewed to see if their profile is legitimate

If you notice any unusual cyber activity on Friday the 13th tweet your observation and use the  hashtag #cyberspooky13

I hope you all have a great Friday the 13th and remember ‘Once In Cyber Space Always In Cyber Space’

Bradley W. Deacon

Full Moon On Friday The 13th

Full Moon On Friday The 13th

Are You Paying For Misleading Site Clicks?

Whilst reviewing a Facebook page for a client that is not your typical demographic site for mortgage advice I came across an image depicting an image that upon detailed examination was going to be redirected to a finance company blog.

This image was found on a site that generally would have persons who are not interested in mortgage advice and who are predominantly on the site for making lewd and obscene remarks as a form of ‘entertainment’.

Overall, the image would gain a barrage of ‘clicks’ and the company that charges clients for ‘clicks’ directed to clients sites will be flooded with results that ultimately result in the client being billed for ‘clicks’ that will have virtually no chance of being converted into genuine lead generation or sales.

Beware of operators claiming to get your site thousands of ‘clicks’ or ‘Likes’ and conduct your own personal due diligence before engaging companies that offer such services.


Are You Paying For Clicks That Are Not Your Demographic?

Are You Paying For Clicks That Are Not Your Demographic?

Will The New Halfsie Take Over From The Selfie?

Chat messenger Apps are exploding at the moment and as recently reported in ‘Quartz’ by Rachel Feltman on 1 May 2014, the dating site HowAboutWe has a free messaging app for the monogamous.

However before I summarise the article in Quartz and elaborate on what I believe it be its pros and cons lets have a quick look at Snapchats latest update.


With Snapchats recent update amending where previously you’d have to take a photo if you wanted to send any kind of message through the app,  now  has a text chat that is accessible by swiping right from the main camera view, then swiping again on the person you want to chat with.

This action will wipe the message history as you swipe away from the conversation, however, you can choose to save individual messages for later if they’re important. But text chat is only part of the new Snapchat.

As you and the person you’re chatting with have the conversation open, you’ll see a notification button that launches you into a video call using either the front or rear camera.

Video streams can be either one-way or two-way and this adds a whole new dimension to Snapchat and its ability to have such video messages deleted.

As if you did not have enough social media to monitor this is just another way for your children to communicate.

You & Me

As reported in ‘Quartz’ You & Me is designed to bring couples together—and then keep them that way. “The mission has always been to help people fall in love and stay in love,” co-founder and co-CEO Aaron Schildkrout told Quartz. “You&Me is about devoting a unique space to the most important conversation in your life: The one you have with the person you love. There should be an icon dedicated to that person. There wasn’t a great app for that, so we designed it to serve that purpose.” (Quartz 2014) 

With You & Me your message never disappears and if you compare it to Snapchat which deletes the image after a few seconds it really is an App that is an ‘icon dedicated to one person’.

You & Me allows you to send the one you love, text messages, songs, videos, and audio recordings in a manner that is well presented and can be packaged into “scrapbooks” for later enjoyment.

So, you may have had messaging apps before and may have commuted on a crowded train or bus and up pops a image that really is not for public viewing. You & Me has solved this with the ‘Secret function’.

Steamy Screen “Secret’

As reported in ‘Quartz’ “What used to be a way to send private photos back and forth is to use ephemeral apps, like Snapchat. In sending such an image to your trusted partner, however the main concern isn’t permanence: It’s immediate privacy. No one wants a for-your-eyes-only shot opened on a crowded subway car. So You & Me lets you send images that are “fogged up,” with “steam” to be wiped away to reveal the image.” (Quartz 2014)

In essence, private photos can remain in the stream of conversation permanently, with no worry that they’ll be revealed accidentally to the family sitting next to you on your commute as you scroll through the messages in public.

What a brilliant idea that undoubtedly will be a hit with its users, who can wipe away as much ‘steam’ as they wish to reveal teh image behind the ‘steam’.

Secret Function (HowAboutWe 2014)

Secret Function (HowAboutWe 2014)



Upon drilling down in the app, you will also see a feature known as  “halfsies.” So what are halfsies you may ask? These are halfsies:

“Halfsie” (Quartz 2014)

So two people each contribute half of a facial image with the other friend contributing the other half. A bit like how BFF kids share a half of a bracelet, but in this case its a facial image.

My question is will the ‘halfsie’ replace the ‘selfie’?

The You & Me app is a one on one app that is restricted to two people to share what ever they like with one person who at the time is closest to them.

Using messaging apps requires self control and good reputation management techniques, however as we have seen in the press and from everyday life, messaging apps are open for abuse across all sectors of society.

Responsible online behaviour and standing by ‘Once In Cyber Space Always In Cyber Space’ is a what is required to gain full enjoyment of these apps.

On too many occasions we have seen where people think online behaviour is just between one or more persons when in fact it is open for the whole world through sharing. Who is to say your private images generated with these apps will always remain private. A breakdown in a relationship is all that is required and your previous private moments can be anywhere.

Open communication with your children of the appropriate age and a review of some basic internet safety principles, and I am sure they will enjoy the apps and their features.


Quartz, 2014, Racel Feltman, 2014, ‘The best messaging platform ever invented can only connect you to one other person’ accessed at on 2 May 2014.

Online Courses Under a Week Away

Exciting times here at Cyber Guardians Online, we are under a week away from launching our Online Training Series across a broad spectrum of areas that I am sure will appeal to everyone.

Having recently completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Digital Education at Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) and from designing and facilitating Legal Practice and Justice courses for colleges in Australia, I am well placed to design and facilitate the following online courses in 2014 and I look forward to being able to offer you courses that are:

  • Self paced with no time limits to complete them
  • Well resourced with lecture notes, videos and presentations
  • True/False or Multiple Choice Quiz within the course
  • Lifetime access where you will be updated to ensure you are up to date with current issues within the area of study

I look forward to providing you with a range of enjoyable self paced learning packages in 2014.

Social Media

Grow Your Business By Being Social (24 April 2014) 

A course that can will appeal to any business owner and covers a range of strategies and a plethora of information on how to use social media to grow your business. The course also showcases how one #tag campaign lead to one business obtain over 600,000 followers.

Social media not your thing? This course will show you how to empower one of your staff to run your social media and or maybe let us run your social media campaign for you from as little as $25 per week.

The course is simplified in a way to really show you how to get started or enhance your current social media campaigns, no technical jargon just the facts.

Social Media Reputation Management (24 April 2014) 

As a follow on to ‘Grow Your Business By Being Social’ this course is perfect for those engaging in social media whether it be a small business owner or one of their staff and is critical to ensure that you and or your staff of aware of how important it is to engage with social media platforms in a responsible manner.

How Parents Can Interact With Digital Natives (1 May 2014) 

Learn how to engage and interact with your child in the ever changing world of social media without creating barriers.

Children of today can be defined as ‘Digital Natives’

“A person who was born during or after the general introduction of digital technologies.”

It is any wonder that parents are at times finding it difficult to relate to their children when it comes to social media and all its benefits, pitfalls and dangers.

On one hand, children and parents alike must embrace social media as it is a medium that is growing on a daily basis. As this course will identify, social media sites are a powerful communication tool that create social activity not only locally but globally as well where it is used for pleasure and in business as a marketing tool and communication platform.

Social media’s reach has no boundries and as such the globalization of communication has led to a host of modern day issues facing our children and even adults alike.

By taking this course you are taking the first steps to performing a responsible duty of care with regards to social media and parenting, whilst also learning the importance of how not to drive social media activity underground.

By learning how to embrace social media, how to ‘friend’ and follow your child on the likes of Facebook and Twitter without being seen as being ‘Big Brother’ you will not only engage more with your child but be more aware of the issues that may be facing them in the world of social media.

Please note as outlined a Facebook and Twitter Profile is required to complete this course and some of you may be hesitant to create such a profile. If you have a problem with creating such profiles this course is ideal for you in that you will be shown how to create account and have them set at private.

A basic social media identity is required to get the full benefits out of the course.

Social Media Training For Sporting Teams Release  (7 May 2014 )

There are over a billion users on Facebook and another few hundred million on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Yelp, and FourSquare. This leaves a lot of room for potential PR disasters. Even if you are excellent at what you do on the field your off field activities on social media can not only ruin your career, but destroy your teams brand and the code you play in overall.

This course is a must for all amateur and professional teams and their staff.

Legal CPD Training 

Cyber Guardians Online CPD Online Training for Lawyers complies with the Law Institute Victoria’s Continuing Professional Development Rules 2008 and the Continuing Professional Development Rules of the Legal Services Board 2008.

Under the Law Institute Victoria’s CPD Scheme, a CPD activity must:

  • Be of significant intellectual or practical content and must deal primarily with matters related to the the practioner’s practice of law.
  • Be conducted by persons who are qualified by practical or academic experience in the subject covered; and
  • Seek to extend the practioner’s knowledge and skills in areas that are relevant to the practioner’s needs.

Each CPD Unit will provide the necessary background material in the subject area to ensure legal practioners are current with the subject matter and are complying with their CPD obligations.

Social Media And The Jury (Release To Be Advised) 

Content being compiled.

Social Media & Lawyers (Release To Be Advised)

Content being compiled.

Cyber Bullies & Stalking (Release To Be Advised)

Content being compiled.

General Interest

Money Laundering In A Digital World (14 May 2014) 

The threat to citizens from transnational criminal crime gangs utilizing digital technology to facilitate the flow of funds for illicit activities in a globalized world has increased with the ease of electronic funds transfers (EFT’s).

EFT’s, were once restricted to desktop computers generally located in a location that subscribed to an internet service provider (ISP) with a ‘Static IP’ address therefore allowing for some form of identification and hard wired traceability.

Evolving technology has now allowed for such funds transfers to take place from virtually any place on the globe, utilizing a plethora of electronic devices that generate a ‘Dynamic’ IP address that is totally mobile and these are now the new tools of the 21st Century terrorist financier or illicit funds flow facilitator.

Additionally what was once an ‘Organized Crime’ financial crime process, ‘Money Laundering In A Digital World’ can now be undertaken from anyone at any age who has access to the Internet.

A key pillar to a nations sustainable development is expanding access to finance where globalization and the evolving digital age of the 21st Century allows everyday citizens access to funds from almost anywhere on the planet and in some circumstances instantaneously.

Combating illegal interception or access to international, national and local electronic financial transactions requires a collaborative approach between government agencies, financial institutions, financial intelligence units, telecommunication service providers, retail operators and the general public in order to identify and reduce the liklihood of illegal access to funds of private or commercial account holders.

This course will analyze the evolving digital technology used to facilitate electronic funds transfers across national and international borders in addition to identifying risk management methodologies of governments and commercial operators in the United States, Australia, and Hong Kong

The course will also cover how 21st Century digital technology and communication methods that facilitate illicit activity and identify the methods in how people maintain their anonymity online.

Emerging trends such as ‘Bitcoin’ will be reviewed and case studies across a range of money laundering cases will be provided.

Finally the course will look at how Governments are implementing amendments to the current laws governing telecommunications, financial transactions and anti money laundering regulations to keep up with digital financial transactions.

Introduction To Criminal Profiling (Release To Be Advised)

An entry level course to give students an appreciation of criminal profilers and how they help solve crime.

Introduction to criminal profiling will give you an understanding and an appreciation of how important profiling is with regards to investigations and can be taken at your own pace online.

It is an excellent course if you are considering a course in justice, criminology, psychology or if you are considering a career in law enforcement or as a psychologist

Site Risk Assessment IPAD/Smartphone Program Training 

Having developed a Site Risk Assessment (SRA) program that generates SRA’s with just one click after you complete all the fields in the ‘Program’, we have developed an online training package so thatstaff across the globe can utilise the program on their IPAD or smartphone.

The SRA can be conducted in the field on an IPAD, mini IPAD or smartphone that has a camera and by keying in site specific information pre arrival and using drop down buttons risk assessors can assess a site in an efficient and professional manner.

Once staff have completed the assessment they just upload the site to the secure dedicated server and move onto their next site.

At the end of the day, field staff log into the server from their desk or laptop computer and review and edit if need be the SRA from their desk.

The desktop review allows filed staff/supervisors to conduct a thorough quality assurance review and once they are satisified it is complete they simply click the ‘Create PDF’ button and the App generates a PDF report for uploading to your clients ‘Dropbox’ or it can be emailed.

Hotel Housekeeping ChecklistIPAD Program Training (Release To Be Advised)

A complete training package that will assist you in your daily housekeeping inspection services with the App and Program

Hotels and serviced apartments operate in a very competitive environment and one area that can let a hotel or serviced apartment down is room ‘cleanliness and appearance’.

Housekeeping staff need to know that their work is continually being inspected in a manner that allows for constructive feedback to be provided and hotel/serviced apartment operators require efficient and effective accountablity mechanisms in place.

The course is specifically designed for persons who want to consider using the Housekeeping Program we have developed that has been designed by a leading developer.

By completing the training the trained Housekeeping program operator can provide hotel/serviced apartment management an overall Quality Inspection Report that will provide accountability mechanisms that hotels require and in doing so assist in maintaining a high standard at the facility.

The key features of the Training for the program will enable participants to understand the features for:

  • Using pre formatted pro forma fields that are site specific
  • Utilising the inspection drop down boxes
  • Drop down boxes to adjust specific room item/area inspection
  • Ability to tailor Housekeeping Checklist to any clients specific needs
  • Ability to upload or email from site direct to client instantaneously if required
  • Ability to do a thorough Quality Assurance Check in a matter of minutes
  • Secure ‘Cloud’ management solutions


By subscribing to our blog Cyber Guardians Online (just add your email address) you will get updates on all the release dates.

Please feel free to share this with anyone who you believe may be interested in our online courses.

Thank you,

Bradley W. Deacon

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At your own pace, lifetime access for updates




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